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    Whenever I go to Customize, or Front End editor it auto reloads and goes to something like https://ksoles.store/?page_id=30&vc_editable=true&vc_post_id=30&_vcnonce=d0c04c6b4b for literally no reason and won’t let me edit it. I cannot change the logo, I put the image and the text Ksoles stays instead of showing an image. There isn’t even a demo page I can go to edit like EVERY other paid theme out there. I don’t know how to make the site look like the demo. I’m about ready to just request a refund. This theme doesn’t seem to work at all, and is definitely not as shown in the live demo you all display.


    Hi Xyphien,
    Our theme doesn’t use customize to edit theme. Please follow steps below :
    1, Please install at least all required plugins.
    2, After that, you will see menu page wellcome with 1 click install our demo.
    3, Then go to Appearance > Theme Settings ( Theme Option ) to edit theme.

    Best Regards,


    1. Already done
    2. What??? I’ve already installed the site and I see no demo…
    3. I’ve done that, and the logo doesn’t show up, and that doesn’t allow me to edit any pages, as I cannot edit pages do to the glitch I mentioned above…


    Dear Xyphien,
    We installed our demo with 1 click install.
    Please let us know if you need any further support.
    Best Regards,


    Please wait a bit, now a last step is processing.


    Everything setup done. Some thing you need attension:
    1, You can edit header by go to : Dashboard > Moodshop > Header builder
    2, Same as footer.
    3, You can choose header or footer default for all page :
    Theme settings > header > header default ( Need click, remove current > save > reload > then pick up 1 header you creat.
    – Or choose a header for specific page by go go edit page > page option ( below content page ) Header style : then choose one.
    4, Footer builder: use visual composer build as normal page ( Then you can choose footer as header ).
    Best Regards,


    Thank you for doing this, however, I cannot fathom why the logo refuses to change. I’ve changed the logo on ALL Headers in > Moodshop > Header Builder as well as >Theme Options > Header

    Yet the default logo still stands. Why is this?


    I also still cannot edit anything with the visual editor. When you try, it still goes to https://ksoles.store/?vc_editable=true&vc_post_id=4570&_vcnonce=8bcaa569a9


    1, I have change a sample logo header megemenu. Please remember our theme provide multi header for pages. So you need to edit the header choose for the page
    choose header for page
    2,What you wanna edit. Page, footer ..
    As footer or custom post type you need go to VC settings > Role , Then enable the post type.
    Best Regards,


    I’ve changed every header that is available, however the homepage still shows the default logo.

    I want to edit a page… I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m on VC Settings and everything is enabled. When I open the page for vc editor it works until the page fully loads and then it brings me to the link I’ve mentioned several times. I cannot edit anything even though it’s all enabled…


    Update: The header randomly changed to the favicon for some unknown reason.

    Also, I cannot edit ANY page in the front end editor. Which I need for the home page, as I cannot find half of the content in the back end editor.


    -Please clear your browse cache and chek your site again. You can try set favicon here :
    -If problem appear again, please provide us more detail infomation.
    2,You can check your site again.
    Page content and footer are seperate. Please go to Footer builder to edit your footer.

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